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About Us

The LIMBIC Military and Tactical Athlete Research Study is a consortium of 22+ universities. The purpose of this consortium is to investigate sport and military-related mild traumatic brain injuries (concussion) in order to identify a viable biosignal of the injury and better understand recovery for athletes and military personnel alike.


The Co-Principle investigators  for this effort are Drs. Jacob E. Resch (UVA) and David Cifu (VCU). Dr. Cifu is also the lead investigator for LIMBIC CENC which is an ongoing longitudinal study of military personnel.


University members include institutions from across the United States with our primary sample being comprised of collegiate athletes.

Core Values


  • All sites will adopt the same clinical practices in order to increase data fidelity and reproducibility


  • All sites will be able to adopt a comprehensive set of biosignals that will inform our study aims. 

  • Each biosignal has the potential to improve clinical practice. 

Leave sites better than we found them

  • Upon extraction, each site will have the ability to execute the same clinical protocol without a significant cost or time burden 

  • Each site will have access to a innovative real-time data dashboard during and after extraction 

  • Sites will be able to adopt the results of our study to inform clinical practice

Nationwide Clinical Research Consortium

  • Each NCAA site is a full partner in this consortium

  • Partners are expected to be part of the ongoing analyses and studies 

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